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A good cigar can be found in a lot of places. But a great cigar can be found here.


For most of my life, I have been hand-rolling Cuban-style cigars with my own custom blend of tobacco from different regions throughout Nicaragua (using my family’s secret techniques and traditions, learned at my Grandfather’s side). Although the result shares characteristics of the classic premium cigar; the taste, aroma, texture and combustion make this cigar an exclusive and unique experience for the most demanding smokers.


3 Unique Handcrafted Lines of Cigars


A selection of fine tobacco leaves from the same region: the Habano line, with sweet and nutty flavors, and the Maduro line, with woodsy, earthy and chocolate tones.


A selection of solid tobacco leaves from different regions: the Habano line, with flavors of wood and roasted nut tones, and the Maduro line, with chocolate, wood and coffee tones.

Super Premium

Solid tobacco leaves aged for more than two years and selected from different regions, this cigar has a strong presence, with consistent white ash, the flavor is mildly spicy with tones of nut, wood and cedar, and comes wrapped in a newspaper, that is exactly the same way as those aged at the factory.


From the tobacco leaves to the stories you’ll here, Jorge’s Cigars are an authentic experience unlike anything else.

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