Jorge Casimiro is a Cuban-American cigar lover.
Jorge began his love of tobacco from an early age. Having grown up in his family's Cuban tobacco fields in Vuelta Abajo Pinar del Río, he learned from an early age how to work the land, plant the seeds, collect the leaves, skewer them in the cujes, and rotate them while they aged in his family's Vegas.
When he moved to Havana, he worked for the Partagás Cigar Factory, where he learned how the leaves were selected for the ligadas, how they were prepared for the cigar rollers, how the cigars were selected by color and tone, and lastly, how to ring and package them for sale.

From Partagás, he went on to open and manage a location of La Casa del Habano in Marina Hemingway in Havana, Cuba, a franchise of Habanos SA.

“I have truly lived, and I breathed tobacco and cigars my entire life. [...] I’d like to share with you a special thank you to my family, especially my grandfather and father.” - Jorge

Now living in the United State, Jorge brings to the American market the exquisite technique he has crafted over many years under the tutelage of Cuba’s best cigar makers.

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