About Cigars Rolling Shows

Demonstrations allow for the audience to see the Cuban style of rolling and understand all that goes into a quality cigar. The audience learns everything about the process– from planting the seed to the point of enjoying the cigar. From me, they feel the passion, history and culture of the famous Cuban cigar brands.

Allowing me to be part of your event or business, I will bring your customers and guests the experience of a lifetime. My demonstration will fascinate the audience with a skill that has unique historical and cultural roots. There is no other experience in the Grand Rapids or West Michigan area that is as captivating and informative as the demonstration I will bring to you
Contact me, and make the difference between something good to something unique and exquisite

About me: 

I was born in Cuba on my Families tobacco farm. I have known tobacco plants and cigars from the very start of my life. From an early age, I was immersed in all aspects of tobacco from farming to the art of aging. My grandfather was considered a master of the harvest of snuff, with better “Vegas” in the region. By the age of nine, I was rolling cigars and have been involved in rolling cigars ever since. I take pride in selecting every aspect needed for the rolling of the perfect cigar.
My resume includes employment at Partagas cigars, one of the most recognized cigar factories in the world. At Partagas, I was able to develop an understanding of every aspect of the cigar production process leading to the production of an outstanding cigar. This position led me to managing “La Casa del Habano” in Marina Hemingway, Havana. “La Casa del Habano” is a well-known premium cigar store chain outside of the United States. At La Casa del Habano, I received further training in the history and art of producing a fine quality cigar. My family, Partagas, and “La Casa del Habano”, have given me skills and knowledge to produce fine cigars, and the knowledge and history of the most famous Habanos in Cuba. My goal is to use my skills to let others appreciate fine cigars, too.